The list below is to help estimate any work you would like done, it is not a final total for any work that requires a "Per Case*" consultation.

All listed prices are in USD.

Painting Services
Basic Face-up (Lati Yellow and smaller): $55

Basic Face-up (YoSD to 9-10): $75
Basic Face-up (Larger than 9-10): $90
Mani/Pedi (Basic w/ Natural Nails or solid colour): $35
Mani Pedi (Scarring/Tattoos/Complex Nail Designs): Per Case Basis
Torso Blushing (Basic, Natural Blushing): $45/YoSD, $55/MSD, $65/SD13, Per Case Basis* for Larger Doll
Torso Blushing (Tattoos, Scarring, Heavy Freckling, etc): Per Case Basis


Eye Opening: $25+/Per Case Basis
Facial Sanding Mods: Per Case Basis*


Light Cleaning: Up to $10 per Head, $5 for Hands or Feet, Up to $20 per Body
Heavy Cleaning: Up to $20 per Head, $10 for Hands or Feet, Up to $30 per Body


Eyelashes: $0 if you provide, $5 if I do
Face Cover: $0 if you provide, $5 if I do


Tattoos: Per Case Basis
3D Scars: Per Case Basis*
Painted Hair: $35-$55
Glued Jewelry: $5-$20

* Anything priced on a "Per Case Basis" is to be fully discussed and agreed upon before a commission slot is considered taken. If you have work that requires a consultation, a slot will be held for you until the work is either agreed upon or the commission denied.

** A head MUST be sent back with a face cover if lashes are applied. If you request lashes but do not provide a face cover I will add on to your total automatically.

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