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The one where I reopen shop in a pandemic...

Sometime back in January I was burned out. We've all been there, right? Back in September I started a full-time, three year course in 3D animation, left my well paying full-time gig for minimum wage at Starbucks, and started living a life of hour long bus rides rotating between campus, work and home.

[Left: A silly personal project I've been working on based on the art of @charicaiture on Instagram.]

Not too crazy right? It's not like I'm even remotely the first person to do it. You also have to understand though, I hadn't had a proper chunk of time off in at least a year and a half. Two attempts at vacation time had been cancelled because work just couldn't spare me.

I was tired going into school, and no amount of reading week was fixing that when I had projects and work the entire week through.

All this was a long way of saying that by January, I was done, and I told my girlfriend that if I was going to make it through the next two years of school, we needed a plan.

That plan became taking commissions at home again. For a fraction of the time I was working and traveling, I could make enough to help pay the bills, and go back to doing something I actually loved doing.

[Above: An entry from DoA's 2013 Anniversary Event.I loved the opportunity to get to try something a little weird and different.]

We made a plan, I started working on this site, I opened up slots, started restocking what I needed... and the entire world started shutting down.

[Right: Probably one of my favourites. A Volks White Rabbit w/ Face-up and applied stitches.]

So this whole thing feels a little insane right now, and you might even be thinking "Yeah... it really is." but the best we can all do is keep plugging away, doing what we can and staying connected. I cant think of a better time really to reconnect with a community I love and have been part of to some extent for almost fourteen years now. I'm so grateful to the customers who've stuck it out with me and come back after months, and sometimes even years, of my shop being closed, and I can't wait to work with all the new collector's out there who will give me the opportunity to work on their dolls.

We've all got a lot of extra time on our hands right now, and I'm no exception. I'd love to create more content for this site, hopefully some things more interactive and useful to you guys. If you have suggestions of things you'd love to see on the site, just pop onto my Contact page and send me a message.

Until next time,

Stay Safe & Wash them Hands!

- Bird

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