I have been working as a face-up artist on and off for over a decade. Aside from painting dolls I have spent the last sixteen years in customer service and want to make sure I am bringing those skills to this shop to offer the best experience possible.


In my work I use quality materials such as Golden & Liquitex Paints, an assortment of Pan, Rembrandt & Schmincke soft pastels as well as MSC Flat UV Cut to spray and seal.


  • I ask that slots are reserved only for dolls that are in hand, and that they are shipping out within 7 days. [[**This time frame will be my regular expectation going forward. Due to the current situation with Covid-19 if you find you are unable to ship within 7 days due to change in circumstance please let me know and we will work things out.]]

  • At this time I do not ask for payment prior to starting work. I do however ask that payment is completed within 24 hours of receiving you final invoice. (Unless we have discussed something different previously)

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, but will always be forthcoming with the reason.

  • I will not work on recast dolls, please respect this. If I find out I have been sent a recast doll I will send an invoice for return shipping and send it back to you. I will also ask that you please not reserve a slot with me in the future.


  • Currently slots are open unless stated otherwise.

  • While in school [Sept-April], I will be accepting face-up commissions only.

  • While on summer vacation [May-Aug] I will accept anything from face-ups to full customization.

  • Turnaround time is currently 15-30 days, I will adjust this estimate in the future if I find it is needed.

  • If you have requested work that's pricing is on a "Per Case Basis" please be aware that I will hold a slot for you, but that slot is only a hold until we have discussed the work you would like done. If I am unable to complete the work requested for any reason, the slot held for you will be opened back up.


  • I will send progress photos to establish eyebrow shape and anything else you have asked to be done in a specific manner. For anything left up to my interpretation, there may be progress posts in Instagram content, but I will not be sending any for approval. Please keep this in mind when filling out forms if there is something very specific you are after.

  • When approval photos are sent this is your opportunity to ask for any alterations to things specifically being sent for approval.

  • If at the end you would like to request a complete redo, my ability to accommodate this will depend on my current work load. Your redo will go to the end of my current list, and I will charge an additional $75 fee.


  • Shipping

    • Please make sure all parts that are mailed are properly packaged with bubble or foam wrap, and securely padded in their box. Do not leave heads or any other parts rattling around freely.

    • I do not currently charge any extra fees for shipping materials as I try to reuse any materials that are still safe to ship in. This may change in the future, but will not do so without notice prior to the opening of monthly slots.

    • Canada Post's shipping is all based on weight, size and destination per box. For this reason I am unable to provide flat fee shipping estimates ahead of time. I will provide you with a quote of all available shipping options provided for your package when shipping back so you can choose what best meets your needs.

  • Insurance

    • I accept no responsibility for uninsured boxes coming to or from me. That said, I will always be sure to pack your dolls safely and securely when returning them so they make it home as safely as possible.

    • If you send a box to me uninsured or with low insurance and are charged customs, when I send it back it will HAVE to send it back marked at the same value to get your customs fees returned.

  • Customs

    • I am located in Canada and as such, do at times have to pay customs fees.

    • When sending your box please mark it as "Other" and note that it is out for service and will be returned. This is something that has only ever failed me once or twice in the last five or six years that I have asked customers to do it.

    • If your box receives customs fees I will ask that you send the money via Paypal in Canadian as Friends & Family or with Paypal Fees included if you wish to send as a regular payment. This the ONLY payment I will ever ask you to do this for.

    • If you pay customs fees on your box, once your Face-up is complete and mailed out I will be able to contact Canada Post and request your customs fees be returned, and in turn will send them back to you.

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