2 New Gallery Images
5 New Gallery Images
5 New Gallery Images
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Welcome to the new website for eating.DUST Aesthetics! Everything should be up and running, including commission terms and pricing, my first blog post, and the contact form.
Just to the left [or below if you're on mobile] you'll always be able to find the status of the current month's commissions and if I have any open slots.
Please take a couple minutes and check out my first post linked to the left [below on mobile] if you can. I'd love any feedback on the site and input on content you guys would love to see!
Commission Status
Current Slots:

Last Updated: 04/09/2020

1) kokoryta [Awaiting Return]

2) kokoryta [Awaiting Return]

3) kokoryta [Base Spray]

4) kokoryta [Awaiting Return]

5) kokoryta [Base Spray]

6) kingbird07 [Packed]

7) kingbird07 [Packed]

8) ??? [Open]

9) ??? [Open]

10) ??? [Open]

11) ??? [Open]

12) ??? [Open]

13) ??? [Open]

14) ??? [Open]

15) ??? [Open]

Typical Process:

Awaiting Arrival > Cleaning > Base Spray > Brow Base > Line Work > Blushing > Final Spray > Gloss > Lashes > Photographed > Packed > In Transit

Blog Posts
The one where I reopen shop in a pandemic...




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